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How does the cam mechanism of the paper cup machine work?

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 How does the cam mechanism of the paper cup machine work?
    The paper cup machine is a kind of equipment for producing paper cup products. The production of paper cups is a cyclical process, and more paper cup products are produced by repeating the same actions continuously.
    The continuous repetitive action of the paper cup machine is completed by the cam organization in the paper cup machine. The cam in the cam organization of the paper cup machine performs a rotary motion, which drives the follower of the paper cup machine to reciprocate according to a certain demand.
What needs attention in this process is that in order to make the follower of the paper cup machine and the action point of the cam have a relatively close touch, generally speaking, they are touches of points or lines, which need to be subjected to tension springs or applying external gravity. Finish.
    The cam organization of the paper cup machine can make the follower of the paper cup machine obtain a more disorderly movement law, thereby completing the cyclic function of cardboard production and reaching the demand for producing more cardboard products.
    The cam organization has the characteristics of simple and compact structure and planning, which can complete various contrast and messy movement requirements, which makes it not only excellent for use in paper cup machines, but also has an important role in other equipment. .
According to statistics, paper catering utensils are now widely used in commerce, aviation, mid-to-high-end fast food restaurants, cold drinks halls, large and medium-sized enterprises, government departments, hotels, families in economically developed areas, etc., and are rapidly expanding to medium and small cities in the interior expansion. In China, the most populous country in the world. Its huge market potential provides a broad space for paper manufacturers.
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